Tuesday, August 30, 2016


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We'll miss you Mrs Coffa!

Rosie: What I loved was when you came and taught us new initiatives such as CS First. Thank you for teaching us about Twitter because it's nice to see what other people are doing on excursions.
Caitlin: What I loved was that Mrs Coffa always helped us and explained things so we "got it." But, most of all, you pushed down the walls of the classroom and opened up new learning and communication.
Alexa: I'm thankful that Mrs Coffa showed us Scratch because I have learnt so much.
Patrick: Thank you,Mrs Coffa, for showing us so many new programmes and thank you for taking your time for us.
Ava: Thank you for sharing all your ideas with us.
Hannah A: I am grateful for Mrs Coffa because she made us THINK outside the box and she helped us with new learning.
Declan: I especially thank Mrs Coffa for all the time and effort you have put into us...especially Coding.
Zach :Mrs Coffa inspired me to help other people on computers.
Sophie: Thank you, Mrs Coffa, for showing us good games and helping us learn. I learnt a lot from you.
Simon: I was happy you came in and worked with us and taught us new things. I enjoyed it!
Eva: I loved that you taught us how to work our Chrome Books.


  1. Thanks Middle MY,
    Your kind words are very appreciated. You may not realise it, but students, teach teachers as well. We learn so much from how you respond to our ideas and I certainly learnt lots from you all.
    As long as you keep on sharing your learning I will be happy.
    I will still be watching these blogs to see what more you can teach me !

    Mrs C

  2. Thank you Mrs Coffa for sending us a comment. We hope your job goes well and we are going to use all the skills you taught us! We hope you'll visit one day and teach us the new things you have learnt at your new job!!

    Middle MY