Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Nature's Close - Ups - our favourite artworks in 2015!

Our inquiry asks, "How are we Called to Care for our Common Home?" As we look at the call of Laudato Si and its implications for sustainability and the stewardship of creation, we take time to look at and paint some of the wondrous things in our world!


  1. Wow Seniors,
    That is very powerful artwork. the use of colour, outline and your attention to details created some wonderful pieces. The slideshow Mrs Y made also make then look pretty cool too!
    Great job all round!

  2. Fantastic artwork Seniors. I am very impressed with the colours you've used. Your pieces are so vibrant and lifelike. Very creative!
    Mrs Kay

  3. This artwork is so cool! Our class loves it all especially the ones by Eden and Adam. How did you guys get so good at art? We are a class from England and would really love it if you could look at our blog one day as no one has visited it from Australia before (so it would make us super happy!) Here is a link if you fancy taking a peek

    We hope you can visit it, keep up the great artwork

  4. Fantastic thanks for sharing ideas