Friday, October 16, 2015


A wonderful aspect of fourth term is seeing a year of learning come to fruition. So it was when the senior classes recently

researched  aspects of geometry in expert groups. Over three to four days, the students presented their learning while their peers took notes and gave feedback. Here's the student feedback! Great to see the pros dominate!

Expert Groups for Maths
Show what we can do ourselves
Diverse learning levels
More fun to design own learning
Some explanations from presenters mightn’t be clear
Fun and learning at the same time
Not always equal contributions of the team
Learning at own rate

makes us more independent

Get to see how others work

Variety of topics

Enjoy doing own research and teaching others

Everyone gets a turn compared to normal class

Worked with different people

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  1. You have stated many pros for expert groups. It is pleasing to see that you are enjoying Maths and having fun while meeting the learning intention. This blog is so informative and shows me that you also have excellent ICT skills.