Wednesday, August 12, 2015

PJ Day - Raising Awareness

Today we dressed in our PJ's to raise awareness of homelessness in our society. We also collected money for the annual aSmith Family Winter Appeal.

Alex writes: Homelessness is a huge problem and it isn't just in Australia. It is a problem all over the world, But it is a huge problem in Australia. In Australia more than 100 thousand people under 25 are homeless. There are many helpers helping this problem but some outstanding helpers are St Andrew's kids who are sorting food, boxing food and sending food to homeless people. Some reasons why homelessness is a problem: 1. Family issues 2. Not able to afford a home 3. They have a home but can't afford to pay their bills.

Elisa wrote: Have you ever wondered how people become homeless? Today homelessness is one of the biggest problems in Australia and all around the world. In Australia more than 100 thousand people mostly under the age of 25 are suffering because of homelessness. People become homeless today because of family issues, loss of their job and much more. Today at our school we are having a pyjama day to raise money and awareness for the homeless. If everyone in our world helps this situation we could stop homelessness which could change someone's life and future. 

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