Monday, August 3, 2015

Making Connections @ the Immigration Museum

Steph: I enjoyed the film of the new arrivals where we focused on the the emotions. It was amazing to compare all the different reasons migration occurred. I connected to the story of my parents' migration caused by war and conflict.
Alex: I really connected to the worrying issue of racism on the tram because racism is all around us right now.
Elisa: I enjoyed comparing past and present sites and  I was amazed by the differences
Grace: Racism on the tram concerned me because it proves that little things, like not sitting next to someone, can be really hurtful
Eden:  I connected to the boats stories because of all the unexpected animal arrivals…but we are rather like those animals in that we also ruined the world of the first Australians.
Ben: I saw how people don’t mind their own business and choose to single someone out racially.
Dylan: I connected to the tram video when it pointed out how we judge people by certain categories
Joe: I was shocked by the outrageous sign from the USA about segregated drinking taps
Adam: I connected to other people’s points of view on the tram-seeing how people view things so differently.
Jack:  I connected to a picture of the T shirt “Australia Full” showing don't want certain people in our country...while those with money are acceptable.
Will:I was shocked by the comic strip of the outback with the policeman saying, “No room for refugees.  Australia’s full!"
Kitty: I connected to the Sorry sign  and I remembered how Australia had been named, “Terra Nullius.” If we hadn't done the wrong thing in the first place, we wouldn't have needed to say sorry.
Angus : I connected to the emigration stories especially John Cotton's who migrated form Britain and had a great passion for birds
Ciaran: I was disappointed to learn of the Government's reaction to aboriginal communities
Tessa: I connected to the feelings of others who were new in this land and how hard it was for them
Chloe: I enjoyed going out and seeing the differences in our city from one hundred and fifty years ago and now.
Jamie: : I connected to the emotion  of those who had to leave war torn countries
Brandon: Because of my own migration story, I connected to those who leave their homelands
Joe: Our trip also raised our feelings of compassion to the homeless.


  1. Your comments are powerful and give me hope that you young people, will treat every human being with respect and dignity.

  2. Awesome to see your ability to feel compassion Seniors! many others, far older than you, find this difficult....and they're the grown ups of our world Really mature observations you made!

  3. What an amazing excursion. I am so proud of the compassion and recognition of others shown in these posts. We are so lucky to be part of a community that values the rights of all.

  4. What an amazing excursion. Your compassion and acceptance of those in need is a credit to you. We are very lucky to be part of a community