Sunday, July 19, 2015

Visual Literacy for Learning: Samuel Taylor Gill prints teach History

S.T Gill: Diggers on the Way to Bendigo-State Library Vic.

Courtesy of The State Library of Victoria, the Seniors classes have been inspired to make use of the lithographs of Samuel Taylor Gill and other artists to assist their learning about the Goldrush. Using a Core Routine of Visible Thinking: See, Think, Wonder- a routine especially effective for exploring artworks, the students examined a series of Gill's lithographs to prepare for their imminent trip to Sovereign Hill.

SEE: old and young, no women, grassy trail, fishing rod, panning trays, kettle, hats, bags and a dog!
THINK:  walking to look for gold, it's humid and hot because of the light sky and clouds, they are tired because their backs are not straight when they are walking, clothes all seem clean so they are "going" not "returning"
WONDER: What's in the bags? Why have they brought a dog? Are they carrying their food? How long was the trip to the gold fields? Did anyone die on the journey?

 Elisa and Ciaran
Charles A. Doudiet: Eureka Riot 1854

SEE: the Eureka Hotel, town, wind, fire, dust, soldiers, crowd, hills, rioting
THINK: The hotel has caught fire!  The townspeople are angry because of what has happened! There's a battle going on!
WONDER: What's happening here? Who has caused this? What are the soldiers doing? How did the fire start and why is there rioting?

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