Friday, March 6, 2015


After watching BTN's fabulous presentation on "Upcycling," we began to experiment with some key persuasive devices such as writing a provocative opening sentence, experimenting with rhetorical sentences and using modality to emphasise our opinions.

Here are some of our thoughts!

From Ciaran: 

Do you know the future of rubbish?... you should!! Everyone knows what recycling is, but do you know about the wiser upcycling? 50,000 kids in Australian are using upcycling and absolutely loving it. It puts some good fun and imagination into your life and it seems to be affecting the environment… in  an eco friendly way of course.

What is upcycling ?
Most the time upcycling products can’t be recycled. You take trash and make it into your own clever idea. For example school kids have been using old dirty tooth paste into clever little headbands. You must try this fun,creative,eco friendly idea.

From Elisa: 
So have you ever heard of the word upcycling? Well everybody should know what it means … Upcycling is where you can take trash and turn it into something new without changing its formation.

Well what is the difference whether you recycle or upcycle? When you upcycle the product stays in its original shape but when you recycle it turns into something totally different.

There are 50,000 children in Australia that are in a program where you bring things that can be recycled, then you make anything you want. You can even turn trash into a decoration!

SMALL IMAGE (PNG)Public DomainFrom Brandon P: Rubbish is surely useless right? Am I right? Well actually no! Over 50 Thousand Australian children are doing something called upcycling which is where for example you take a toothpaste tube and make it into something else like a bag. Upcycling is actually nothing like recycling.  Upcycling focuses more on using the actual material to make something but recycling focuses more on breaking things down and using the material again.  Also upcycling uses things you would usually not recycle. I think that upcycling is a very good idea and if you have a little bit of spare time why not try it? You might like it and its good for the environment.So do you think that we should keep uncycling? Instead of throwing things in the trash, we should definitely upcycle.

From Joe:
Recycling has been around for ever but have you heard of the great thing called “Upcycling”?
There is so much rubbish in the world that we will not have enough space for it on earth so let’s Upcycle.

We must Upcycle to save the earth and the people on it or we could be living on smelly tonnes of rubbish when we are older.Upcycling is so easy because you can make so many things out of waste.
Upcycling is when you use the materials that can’t be recycled like toothpaste tubes and candy wrappers. It is absolutely disgraceful if you are wasting these resources that we can upcycle.
It seems to be that not lots of people know about upcycling and we are often only told about recycling and sometimes try recycling things that we can upcycle.

This should be something that everyone does in their day to day life.You should start that trend.
This is possibly one of the world’s biggest problems today and maybe even the worst so you must start doing this to save the world as we know it.So save the world and start a trend so that you can make a difference.Do this please!

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  1. Hi Senior MY. Is Upcycling like reusing? When the Preps learn about recycling and reducing waste that goes to landfill we always talk about reusing materials - like reusing a vegemite jar as a vase or a plastic milk carton as a scoop to play. How is Upcycling different to reusing?
    You must share this with your Prep buddies!

    From Mrs Kennedy.