Friday, March 13, 2015


The students usually write the posts for our class but, today I'm feeling proud of the great work they are doing so I'm having a turn! The actions being focused upon, in learning about writing an exposition, include writing a provocative opening sentence, using rhetorical questions and utilising modality when giving opinions. Some excerpts of writing, and the movie used as an inspiration, are included below.  Mrs Y

“Plastic Nightmare”
 From Steph....
During the 21st century, plastic bags are part of our everyday lives but do you actually know what the consequences of using them really are?

Australia uses about 4 billion plastic bags a year! That’s enough plastic bags to make a chain long enough to reach around the world 24 times, yet we still continue without considering the things that are suffering.

From Joe:
NO! NO! NO! Nightmares are bad but the worst nightmare is a plastic nightmare.Plastic bags, killers aren't they, by getting into the ocean and  killing the animals that live there? This is why we need to stop them and we must do it now.

From Chloe...

While you're busy with your plastic bags, do you really know the consequences of using them?

When you're finished using plastic bags they go to landfill, but they take forever to break down and they hang around for a very long time. Sometimes they blow away and sail around in currents until they are either eaten by marine life or end up on the shore.

From Eden...
Today we are in the 21st century, aren’t we? So why are we still getting millions of pieces of rubbish in our oceans? That’s what I want to know.

We use around 4 billion environmentally harmful plastic bags in Australia. That is enough to be tied up and go all the way around Earth 24 times but we still keep using them. More than 100,000 animals are killed each year because they have swallowed harmful plastic. Plastic is made from polyethylene which takes hundreds of years to break down.

From Will:
Are you busy using plastic for your daily shop when 3.5 million plastic pieces enter the sea everyday?

Australia uses a whopping 5 Billion plastic objects a year and 3.5 Million enter the sea a day, but in a year, 1,277,500,000 Bags enter the ocean…which isn't a good statistic.

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