Tuesday, February 3, 2015


When we came to School this morning we were set a task by our teacher. It was to answer the question, 'Why Do We Go To School' and the whole class contributed. We brainstormed the answers and wrote them down on our Chrome Books. We came up with a number of great answers that we put into a google doc and our teacher thought they were brilliant... see below for some quotes about our thinking!

Angus and Will.                                            

Do you wonder why we all come to School?

Do you think its a waste of time?

Well let me tell you why it is so important...

We come to School to learn about Skills for the future that will help us evolve in life to become more independent and responsible…

We also come to School to take action and learn to learn.

School also encourages us to take action and work at our goals(Mine is Maths!).

School helps us to learn about the world and its different people and their cultures throughout the world from pole to pole.School helps us to realise we are part of a giant loving community. Angus

Here are some reasons why Senior MY thinks we should go to school!My first reason is for us to gain an education to help us prepare for the our future jobs and life. I think it is good to make friends and relationships with new people, that means we will never be lonely again.It is good to become independent, responsible and to be inspired to take action in the world. I think it is good to express ourselves-develop deeper thinking. Also to work for our goal and hopefully get there. Last but not least to learn to learn! I hope now that you have read this you will love school even better than before. Elisa

We come to school to help us take action into  the world and develop our own thinking skills.The most important thing is to learn how to learn really think dive deeply and express  yourself.We also come learn about not just our community but the world and environment around us.“So don't just sit there go outside go for a walk and learn” You may not notice but  learning is all around you. Grace

School inspires us to get good jobs. School helps us to be independent and responsible  for when we get older and leave our parents and live on our own. School helps us to think more deeply and to reach our goals. School educates me for future jobs and skills for the future and the last thing of all is we learn to learn.  Brandon C



  1. Wow guys, youR thinking around the reasons for school is deep and very interesting to read. How great to be asked that question in the first place. When we know our purpose, we can head confidently in the right direction. It sounds like you are a brilliant class and I wish you a great year of learning together.
    Mary (Catholic Education Office)

  2. Lovely to read you reasons for coming to school, especially after reading about the Wisdom of Geese. With your thinking about learning and your teamwork, the future for 2015 looks bright.
    Good luck Seniors !
    Mrs C

  3. Love the way you feel that learning to learn is so important - you will learn every day of your life. Fantastic thinking!
    Mrs Mac