Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Piano: student response to animation

A beautiful animation inspires the students to experiment with some lovely creative writing!

The brief: a creative commentary experimenting with two new words - excerpt and juxtapose

Natalia: Do you ever wonder about the saddest and happiest moments of your life? In this touching excerpt, we see an old man playing the piano juxtaposed with some of his most memorable moments. I felt immensely sad when the man's wife appears as a ghost and kisses him on the cheek. When the man is a little boy, and receives a gift which he was clearly longing for, I felt his joy.

Madison: "The Piano" is a living music piece that takes us back to our own memories as the old man remembers his. ..The feeling is magical and sensitive, therefore my reaction is sadness and to be patient.

Madeline: Looking back at one's life, we see joyful and painful moments juxtaposed...The short excerpt from this old man's life was guided by the mesmerising piano song.

Tessa: Many moments in your life can be touching, from youth to old age...watching this clip makes me wonder what life will be like for me at that age.

Isabella: The old man thinks of the past, remembering things with the help of his piano. Playing the piano is bringing the passion and emotion into his memory.

Mia: Today we watched a short excerpt from an old man's life and saw how the piano made him remember and brought the tears down....all he has left is his grandson who plays the piano with him as they remember. The clip today was very sad and brought memories to my mind, too.

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