Monday, November 10, 2014


Playing the Disaster Game made me be aware of what I can do to save myself and others if a natural disaster happens. I can react quickly and carefully - Madison H.

When I played the disaster game I realised that many tsunamis occur in poorer countries in which many people live in huts that can easily be washed away - Natalia B.

Playing this disaster game showed us what can be provided and how we can use resources to our advantage. It also showed the effects of a disaster. -Jonathan

Playing this game made me think what resources I should have so if a disaster did happen I can use them to save lives. I also learnt about how I can protect myself. Cooper M.

I think that playing this game was really good because it taught us how to prepare if there was a disaster. I did bushfires and I didn't realise how important it was to improve your evacuation plans - Nick

It was a big shock to realise  the large impact that the disaster makes- Corinne B

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  1. Great reflections everyone. You seem to have learnt a great deal from this simulation game. Can you think of other things that could be taught through games like this ? Perhaps safety messages ?
    Mrs C