Tuesday, May 13, 2014

HAIKU-students teach one another how to write poetry.

The next poetry topic was "Haiku," and the teachers today were Ivan and Nick.

Teacher response: Nick and Ivan, you prepared a wonderful presentation about how to write haiku. The process was clearly explained to the other students. I really enjoyed your own work and, again, you made the "how to" part easy for the class. I will now publish some of the student work that resulted from your lesson!

Joe wrote:                                                                   Tessa wrote:
At the MCG                                                                Outside in the sun
"Up there Cazaly!" they screamed                            laughing, playing all day long
many years ago.                                                         'til the bright sun sets.

Corinne wrote:                                                             Jamie wrote:
Through the tall, barked trees                                    Stars cover the sky
the soft breeze whispers to me                                   sparkling and glittering down
at the crack of dawn                                                    as day turns to night.

Madeline wrote:
Gallipoli plains
The bugle blows long and loud
in nineteen fifteen

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