Sunday, March 16, 2014


Fred Williams spent a great deal of time in Europe. Australia is so different to England and Europe, as he found out when he returned to Australia. The colours here are so vibrant and strong compared to the soft blues and greys that he was used to. He painted the Australian landscape with new vibrancy. We viewed images of his forest works including, "Sherbrooke 1961." The artist liked the strong vertical lines of the tree trunks making a pattern across the page. By having no horizon line, he created the impression of being in the middle of a dense forest. Afterwards, we created a variety of interpretations based on the Australian landscape. INSPIRED BY FRED WILLIAMS on PhotoPeach


  1. Hi Senior MY,
    Fred Williams has certainly inspired you to look at the forest in a different way.
    Artists enable others to reflect on nature through their understanding of light and colour. Sherbrook Forest is only 20 minutes up the road. Next time you visit and walk through this beautiful place you may look through the canopy to the splinter of blue sky or look to the textures on the bark and observe the filtered light as it targets small patches of ferns. You may smell the damp soil and the eucalyptus and be touched by the moments Fred Williams placed on his canvas.

  2. Hi Senior MY,
    Your paintings are beautiful. You have obviously been inspired by Fred Williams, but used your own special flair to create your own unique masterpieces. I think there may be a few budding young artists in your class. Well done!
    Love Margie (Tessa's mum)

  3. Hello there,
    This is Merry Beau from the blog 'If Only The Best Birds Sang' from Ireland. I see from your blog that we do indeed have a lot in common
    from your quote from WB Yeats (An Irish poet of whom we are very proud)
    to an appreciation of trees
    and 'Meditation by Thais',
    the use of Photopeach,
    to all the keywords(labels) I see in the right side bar.
    I will bring my students to visit your lovely blog tomorrow,
    With every good wish,
    Merry Beau

  4. Hello again, we love trees and art too. Every October, when the leaves turn multicoloured and fall to the ground we paint them. 'Trees' in a topic we always work on in the Autumn months. This is some work we did last year: At the beginning of the topic we are inclined to draw trees that look like green lollipops, but by the end we are drawing more interesting trees. We love the trees in your Photopeach slideshow. We love the bark and the colours and the light.
    Klaudia and Paris