Friday, March 7, 2014


Experimenting with Personification: look at what we wrote!

Everyone knows what a person is, but do you know what personification is? Personification is when you assign the qualities of a person to something that isn't human or, in some cases, to something that isn't even alive. There are many reasons for using personification. It can be used as a method of describing something so that others can understand. It can be used to emphasize a point. It is a commonly favoured literary tool, and you may in fact use personification without even knowing it.

Today we learnt about personification. We looked at some examples and shared our favourites with the class. We then were able to create our own personification- here are some examples from the class. (Katherine and Mia)

Mia: Happiness shone in my heart!
Katherine: Joy swept through my body until it came rushing out my eyes.
Daniel: The waffle jumped out of the toaster.
Corinne: I held bravery's hand through the cave.
Tessa: As I leapt out the door, I heard the wind calling to me, "Freedom, freedom!"

Jonathan: Death was closing in on me!
Nicholas: Bad luck wouldn't leave me alone!
Will J: When I woke up, joy sprang through my window.
Akon: Bravery followed me as I was fighting for my life!
Isabella: Hunger controlled my stomach when I was in class.

Ava: The moon winked at me through the clouds.
Madison: The rainbow lifted me from my sadness.
Cooper: Bravery told me to stand up.
Will C: Joy hit me in a flash when I found out I had won.
Jacob: Freedom gave me the chance to live.

Connor: Joy struck me as quickly as a flash of light.
Tia: Hunger is nobody's friend.
Jamie: Freedom patted me on the shoulder and set me on my journey.
Madeline: Fear towered over me!
Joe: Bravery was by my side the whole way.

Ivan: Loneliness consumed me as I sat in my cell.
Tom: The tower leered at me nastily.
Natalia: Moonlight danced on the water.
Gemma: When I listen to the song called, "Happy," happiness shines down upon me.


  1. These are amazing and show depth of understanding around how language techniques can create interesting and expressive text. Well done.

  2. These descriptions, personifying inanimate objects are fantastic. Thanks for sharing them. I can't wait to show Middle S!

    Ms Scott