Saturday, February 1, 2014


And so another year begins...we are all shiny and "uncrumpled," ready for a brand new start. This year our scripture theme is,"Companions on the Journey." We will be exploring its depth throughout the year.

So for some "Hopes and Dreams in 2014!"

-that this year our class achieves a lot by learning together
-that I can follow the Gospel message and learn more about others
-that we all come together as one
-that I have many opportunities to get to know others well
-to get to know everyone in a way that makes our classroom feel like home
-that this year we can really push ourselves to experience and learn many different things
-to be highly focused in our learning

Please add some ideas that will inspire us further!


  1. Dear Mrs.Yore and my class,
    I hope that this year we learn many things, challenge ourselves, make sure our classmates feel at home, set a good example, learn more about each other, show respect, achieve any of our goals and most importantly, have fun!

    From Madeline!

  2. Thanks, Madeline, for being first onto the blog this year, and for your wise and inspiring words.

    Mrs Yore

  3. To Mrs Yore and Senior MY,
    I am really excited for 2014 and some of my hopes and dreams are to
    achieve lots of our goals, learn more about others and what they like to do and do some more creative art work.
    From Tess.