Thursday, November 14, 2013


Fred Williams Art - The inspiring red dry landscapes of Australia are all rolled into one artistic masterpiece in Fred Williams, "My Garden." 

We put our ideas on the paper, interpreting his style and ideas as we went. Australia is so different to England and Europe, as he found out on his way back to Australia after travelling to Europe -and which led him to become a contemporary artist.The colours here are so vibrant and strong compared to the soft blues and grays that he was used to. 

We used orange and red paint as a backdrop and, once that was dry, we printed with cardboard or painted on trees and shrubs with black and white paint. Overall this art was very interesting and fun. It didn’t really matter if you accidently splattered paint or put a huge blot on your work because it was easily covered up. We were all inspired greatly and the end result was amazing! Fast Facts- Date of birth January 23, 1927.  Place of birth Richmond.  Date of death April 22, 1982 Place of Death Hawthorn

Reviewed by Mairead and Madi

Fred Williams Landscapes from Marg Yore on Vimeo.


  1. Dear Senior MY,
    I was just admiring those pictures on your classroom wall yesterday. It struck me that despite a strong similarity, you all managed to apply personal style, skills and flair. The colours are very powerful.
    Thanks for sharing
    Mrs Coffa

  2. Dear Senior MY,
    I was also struck with the unique style. The similarities and differences made me connect with the people of Australia, The bold strength of the colours and similarities of values,character and essence of our identity. Yet each person is unique and offers their story to the canvas.
    Well done,
    Mrs Clark

  3. Simple concept with so many different interpretations. Well done Seniors.
    Mrs Bellesini :)

  4. Hey Senior MY,
    I really loved your talented art pieces! I think you used a really simple inspiration to work with but it turned out really affective and it really stands out on your wall! The colours went exceptionally well together and the trees really stood there boldly.
    Good job guys,
    Hannah :p