Thursday, May 2, 2013



Today some of our senior girls put into place an action that was inspired by our religious education research into aid organisations. We raised money for Red Cross Australia. To raise the money we drew a chalk cross on the pavement and asked the students to put their coins in the cross. Today we raised a good amount of money and we are still going to continue through out the week. We will let you know how we go!
P.S.  We raised $99.80 and our teacher rounded the amount to $100....thanks and well done everyone.


  1. Hello SMY

    I feel so proud to see our senior students involved in such a great action. The Preps were very excited about bringing their gold coins and I know that you are showing the whole school how important it is to help others.

    Congratulations on a wonderful initiative!

    From Mrs Kennedy

  2. Well done girls, what a great action to take. Almost everyone can afford to give at least one gold coin to others in much more need than us.
    Keep it up Mrs Bellesini :)

  3. Hi Seniors,
    Great to see you taking action that matters. You are providing positive role models to our young students and raising awareness of the work Red Cross undertake.

  4. It is wonderful to see our younger generation caring for others by taking action and supporting a great cause! Well done!