Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Today's post is from Daniel and Georgia!

Today we watched a safer internet day program. We learnt to use programs with respect when online with the things we do on the internet! We learnt to not use copy right sights for buying music on the internet. For movies. use itunes and google play. Ways in which the internet is misused include cyberbullying, spam, scam, fake profiles, hacking and bad language.

What is our responsibilty? Never share your password, text politely and use privacy settings on instagram and other types of sharing. When you are on an online game show respect, when using websites for homework don't copy directly from the internet. So when you are using the internet, be safe and don't get friends to email their homework to you!!!


  1. Daniel and Georgia
    Thank you for reporting on the Online conference today. you have mentioned many of the messages that Greg talked about. I thought it was pretty amazing that we sat in our school in Blackburn and listened and participated with students all over Australia !!!
    Thanks for your report! Remember to practise all these rules when you blog !
    Mrs C

  2. Hi Senior MY,

    The internet is a fantastic tool. It is great to see that you are learning to use it responsibly!


  3. Hi senior My
    I really liked the safer internet day. The internet is a great tool to use all around the world.

    From Tristian