Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It has to be one of a teacher's greatest joys to enjoy with her students, Dorothy MacKellar's poem, My Country. Enjoy their insightful responses!

Fintan"s Response (mp3)

Lizzy"s Response (mp3)

Siobhon"s Response (mp3)
Nic"s Response (mp3)
Mark"s Response (mp3)
Joe"s Response (mp3)

Sam"s Response (mp3)

Holly"s Response (mp3)


  1. Hi middles I thought all the responses to the poem were great and everyone should be proud of work they did even if they didn't get on the blog.

    From Fintan

  2. Wow middles. What wondeful insights. Keep up the amazing work. It's great to hear your reflections on such a piece! I'm very impressed!
    From Nic's mum Andy

  3. I have never heard about the poem, as I was raised in England. However, I loved hearing all your responses, and how well you described what it mean to you all. Well done Middles, you are incredible

    Theresa Pendergast (Fintan's Mum) :)

  4. Great work middles! You speak beautifully about the poem and the how it touches you. Your reflections show great thought and depth. I wonder if you could record yourselves reading the poem or come and visit us to share it.
    Mrs Gridley and JuniorG

  5. Your comments were so inspiring that I was moved to look up and read the poem - it helped me to understand how you feel about it. You spoke clearly and carefully, and I enjoyed listening to your lovely responses. Do you think the first verse refers to England? It sounds rather like it... and it sounds so dull in comparison to your country! You are indeed very lucky to live where you do - and how wonderful that you appreciate that.
    Joe asks, 'What country are you passionate about?' Well I have never seen Australia, but I lived for a time in Spain and that is a country that inspires real passion in me - WOW! It's got everything! Great climate, beautiful scenery, amazing history, fabulous cuisine and a laid back culture. I just love it!

  6. Mark, Great oration and annunciation. Mum & Dad

  7. Hi MY. I love this poem just as much as I love a sunburnt country! Thanks for sharing your reflections with us. What a clever way to display your learnings. Dave Mutimer

  8. Hey Mark. What an eloquent and thoughtful response, and delivered with such enthusiasm... super proud!!! Keep it up :) Pete

  9. Hi Middles,
    I learnt this poem in Year 6. In those days we learnt things by rote. It was only later I was able to articulate how it made me feel and how the amazing use of language could evoke such passion and pride.You have reached into the thoughts and drive of the poet. You display through your words that you understood her. You are amazing and have moved me to tears with your deep reflections.
    I love follow your learning on the blog.

  10. Wonderful reflections Middles. We are certainly very lucky to live here. In answer to Joe's question - I love Australia but I've always wanted to go to Vietnam and Cambodia.

    Chris McDonald

  11. Hi MMY,
    Great reflections very inspiring, well done.
    Keep up the hard work.

  12. Nicely spoken have such a lovely voice to listen too