Wednesday, October 26, 2011


"History in the Making" is the Middles' topic this term. We are examining  how big events changed the course of history. After visiting the Shrine, we read "In Flanders Field" by Norman Jorgensen. Listen to some of our responses!

Akon"s Response (mp3)

Fintan"s Response (mp3)

James" Response (mp3)

Luke"s Response (mp3)


  1. Well done, Middle Matters! These are wonderful AudioBoos. You have all spoken so well.

    War isn't a nice thing. While all comments were excellent, Fintans' comment made me think. It's true enemies become friends and learn to live together once wars end. What a pity we can't learn to live together before a war starts.

    During that war, I had a Great Uncle (my grandfather's brother) serve in the Australian Army in France. Great Uncle Ernie went to war full of ideas the war would be over quickly and all his friends would return heroes. The war didn't end quickly and many on both sides didn't return home.

    My Great Uncle Ernie lies buried in some unknown place in France.

    One of my favourite true stories of that war happened one Christmas Day. French, English and German soldiers were in trenches. How it started I'm uncertain but that Christmas Eve they all sang Christmas Carols together and on Christmas Day exchanged gifts. When it came time to return to their trenches and start fighting, they couldn't. They had become friends. All the soldiers on both sides had to be sent to other places.

    In the middle of all the tragedy of war, there was hope.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  2. Wow - what beautiful responses to a very powerful book! Sounds like it really gave you an idea of how hard it was to be a soldier at war. It's so very important to learn about history.

    From Sonya

  3. Your Inquiry sounds Interesting - the title made me wonder what events you would consider and talk about. There are so many events that l believe shape history. The book you responded too certainly conveys all the emotion and knowledge of that time and event. Thanks for your responses because they all captured something of the story and what it meant for you when you heard it. Books ( picture story) really do help us build a visual image through their carefully considered words and illustrations. I will look forward to watching this Inquiry unfold!!
    Congratulations to all you Shrek performers! You were amazing and l think everyone really enjoyed your performance. Well done l hope you had a good time and enjoyed the opportunity to perform and show off your talents!

  4. Amazing reponses to a very powerful story. I am so impressed with your reflections - my Grandfather fought in the second World War leaving a wife with five children behind. I can not imagine how hard they all struggled to survive in such difficult times. Hopefully history can teach us some valuable lessons.
    We must remember to always have hope.
    From Mrs Kennedy

  5. Every time I see the title "In Flanders Field" I think of the poem by John Macrae

    I truly believe that if more of our politicians read the second stanza:

    We are the Dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved and were loved, and now we lie,
    In Flanders fields.

    There would be far fewer wars.

    Mr. C

  6. Thank you for commenting and sharing family history.Your comments were really touching.

    The Middles

  7. When I read a poem such as "In Flanders Fields" and stories of war, particularly the First World War, I am moved as you were by the event.
    I think of the people behind these stories. My grandfather went to fight in France in WWW1 at the age of 16. We were lucky he was injured but survived. Thank goodness as my family and I would not exist today. So young. How quickly he would have grown up seeing what he did.I am proud his name is in the 2pecial book at the War Memorial that you visited recently.

    I am also reminded of another soldier I didn't know whose complete uniform is on display in the Memorial in Canberra- never cleaned and still with the mud from the battlefield on his clothing and boots. He did not return to Australia or to his family but I feel an affinity with him.
    Lest we forget
    Thanks Middles for making me stop and think about people who in the midst of enormous world events in history and present day couragously take action for others.

  8. Hi Middles,
    My name is Miss Dwyer and I teach a Grade 3/4 class just like you. We are in the Northern Territory about 45kms out of Darwin in the rural area. We are hosting the Remembrance Day Assembly tomorrow. I see you have made some fantastic Audio Boos on one of my favourite poems. Thank you for sharing your respectful responses. My class have tried many times to upload Audioboo, can you help?

    You can find us at

    From Miss Dwyer

  9. I was really moved by your eloquence and deep understanding of both the poem and the futility of war. We are so lucky to be living in Australia during this time of Peace. Let us not ever forget all the sacrifices that have been made by those who fought in wars to protect Australia and keep us as a Peaceful Nation.
    You should all be very proud of your outstanding responses to this story.

  10. Thanks to everyone. We really appreciate the time you have taken in replying to us. We have read all your informative comments.

    To Jasmine,we've uploaded audioboo through the "embed' button that appears after the recording is made.We just added one at a time.

    Marg Yore and the Middle Matters