Sunday, February 20, 2011


Tell us about the ad you HATE the most and the ad you LOVE the most. Most importantly, tell us why. The Middles are looking at persuasive techniques in advertising.


  1. I can't tell you about the worst ad I saw as there were too many. But I definitely love this one -Embrace Life
    What makes a great ad is the subtle and surprising combination of elements.

  2. Thanks so much. That will provide an inspiring start for Monday morning.

    Marg Yore (Middle Matters)

  3. Hi there Middles,
    One of my favourite ads of all time is the Schweppes ad : because it is mesmerising and colourful and engaging. It has people in it which helps your to participate in it, and the photography and use of slow motion is wonderful. My all time unfavourite ad is that horrible one with the big tongue! I think it is a beer ad but I don't want to think about it anymore!
    I am a teacher in Sydney and my Year 7 class is currently making an advertisement to promote healthy eating. We are focusing on fruit and one of the groups is doing the banana. They are videoing lots of funny things using the banana - but not eating it! They are hoping that it will make people want to eat it though.
    Good luck with your persuasive text preparation.
    Regards, Mrs Hogg

  4. I've picked out two on a similar theme - comparing prices on the internet.

    I loathe the 'go compare' advert. I find the man and the song so irritating I have to switch channels every time it comes on:

    The advert I love is the "compare the" one. I think the meercats are adorable and funny:

    They both caught my attention but in different ways and with different outcomes. One of the good things about the second advert is the slogan.

  5. My favourite ad is the Cadbury ad with the Gorilla playing the drums to a Phil Collins song. I LOVE chocolate, my daughter plays the drums (so I made a personal connection) and it's a great song! I am also rather intrigued with gorillas and how human-like they are (even though I know it's not a real gorilla). So many elements that reinforce my love of chocolate and remind me that Cadburys chocolate is the best. I really did not need too much persuasion!
    I hate ads with loud repetitive catch phrases like the one that was around - 'where do you get it!' I cannot remember what product or shop it was for.
    What a great inquiry unit - can't wait to hear what you love and hate.
    From Mrs Kennedy

  6. Dear Middle students
    When I think of good ads, I think about ones that you remember easily. The Vegemite ad from many many years ago still sticks in my head. It has a catchy tune and the words would have made parents think they were giving their children a healthy food.
    Have a look !

    I really don't like the ads when the people shout at the audience - they make me reach for the remote control!!


    Thanks Mrs K (drummer's mum just like me!) Searched for the link so we can be sure to watch it in the Middles this week!

  8. What a cool topic to expore middles!
    My favourite ad at the moment is the iPad ad because of the music.
    My least fav ad is any where they are shouting at you to buy their wares.

    Ms Scott

  9. ant ad with animals in it gets my attention eg the RSPCA where a single file of different types of animals walks across the screen all bandaged in one place but the wombat is reluctant until the very end. it's a great cause and it's sweet.
    then there are the toilet paper ads which use labrador dogs which i can't resist and they use the catchy pun "lab" tested.

  10. Dear Bea,
    Because of your blog, we learnt about puns! We also loved the ads you suggested! Hope you enjoy our blog and visit us again!

    Middle Matters