Thursday, December 2, 2010


WARNING-We have discovered that many cleaners are made of dangerous chemicals that harm the environment!

HELP-We have been discussing that it might be possible to make some safe cleaners of our own.

PLEASE COMMENT -If you know any alternative recipes for cleaning products, kindly comment on our blog.


  1. Hi guys! I am so impressed that you are getting your science hats on to be clean eco warriors. I live in Scotland and my gran used to keep a supply of bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice white vinegar and dispersible aspirin under her sink for cleaning with. Good luck with your recipes! Mrs McNicol, Glasgow

  2. I use distilled malt vinegar for lots of things - mixed with warm water for glass cleaning, neat on paper towel wrapped over taps to remove limescale, used neat on top of bicarbonate of soda for making a fizzing paste that removes dirt and limescale. Salt and hot vinegar tipped down a blocked plug, followed by hot water. I could go on and on - vinegar is amazing!! Lemon juice mixed with water works well on glass too.

  3. Hi Middle matters, this is such an awesome project you are working on. I love to use Eucalyptus oil to remove stains from my clothes.
    Coke is also a great way to clean the oil stains off your driveways and engines.
    Did you know that you could remove pen marks off leather by spraying on some hairspray?
    My favourite book to use fro natural cleaners is Martha Gardner.
    Happy cleaning!!!:)
    Mrs Gridley and Juniors Jig

  4. Dear Mrs McNicol,
    Thanks for commenting on our blog. We will try out your products and share our ideas with our family and friends.

    From Middle Matters

  5. Thanks, Sophie!
    Before we didn't know what "neat" meant. Then our teacher told us! We will try out your ideas now.

    Thanks from Middle Matters in Australia

  6. Hi Mrs Gridley,
    Thank you for telling us about oprganic cleaning. We would like it if you could show us your book one day.We all think we'll try out the coke hint(hopefully)!

    If you find anything else, please blog us.
    Thanks from
    Middle Matters

  7. Jessica K's MomDecember 4, 2010 at 7:32 AM

    Hi Middle matters, I will add to Mrs Gridley's comment on use of Eucalyptus oil. It is fantastic for removing glue/gummy residue off surfaces. Dab on a cloth and clean area slowly. takes some time if lots of glue but you will have no scratches.

  8. Hi Middle Matters
    I use bicarbonate soda for stains in cups. You sprinkle it on the cloth and wipe inside the cup.
    Madeline's Grandma

  9. Room2 BUrnham school wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year to you Middles Matters!