Friday, October 15, 2010


Have you done an experiment at home- one that would be suitable for the Middles to try. Please share with us, remembering we need materials and procedure to guide us!


  1. Shall work on it. I know the CSIRO website has some fantastic experiments you can do at home. A good one is "Manic Mixtures" or did you do that on Mad Scientist Day? I also love making "Pop Rockets" but it can be a little messy. Have you tried making crystals that hang from a string?
    My class have great fun earlier in the year when we had a Mad Scientist Day. Our current unit is Lights, Camera, Action....guess what we are doing in 10 days? Thanks for emailing Mrs. Yore.

  2. I know the CSIRO website has heaps. Have you tried growing crystals? It can take a little time, but they look great when growing. How about Pop Rockets, or did you do them on Mad Scientist Day? Racing boats across water using detergent is fun, I shall send the instructions if you don't know what to do. Making drivers in coke bottles is easy to do at home. So is making a white carnation change colour by adding food colouring to the water. Have lots of fun, the kitchen is a great place to start mixing, melting and combining ingredients to see a chemical reaction.Good luck, thanks for the email Mrs Yore. You are very clever with your blogs, I think I need a few lessons.

  3. Thanks, Karen. We did make the pop rockets and did lots of the experiments you organised two years ago! We'd love the racing boats and detergent one! Thanks.

  4. Ooblek is very cool in a gooey way, what was your conclusion?

  5. Hi everyone, the boat racing one is simple and easy.
    An icecream container lid
    A shallow casserole dish
    Dishwashing detergent
    A dropper
    Cut out a boat shape from the icecream container lid. A good design is a square with a triangle top (joined).
    Cut out a small square shape at the back of the boat, where the engine would be.
    Fill the casserole dish half full.
    Place your boat design on top of the water .
    Using the dropper suck up some detergent.
    Squeeze a little drop of detergent into the engine part of the boat.
    The boat should move forward.

    You can race your boats, try different designs and amounts of liquid.

    Good Luck

  6. Dear Middles,
    Here's a good place to look for fun experiments. Try one and tell us about it by adding your comment!

  7. Dear Mr Wood and Team 17,
    Ooblek appeared to be neither a liquid nor a solid! When we touched it, it felt like a solid. But when we picked it up,it reacted like a liquid. Another name we learnt was non-newtonian slime!

  8. hi middle matters,
    your blog is coming along really well.
    cant wait to see more things on here.
    Sidoti family

  9. Kia Ora,

    Thanks for the instructions to make the ooblek. We made a video when making the ooblek ( also we say hello to Middle Matters). I am not sure we got the desired results but certainly had fun and made a mess. We were disappointed that our hair didn't change like the photograph in your blog.

    Mr Thurlow.

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